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Toros Mountains and Plateaus
Alanya is on the coast of the Mediterranean region, however, on the town's back lie there Toros Mountains. Toros mountains are an inseparable part of life in Alanya. Going up to plateaus and spending summers there are a part of the ten centuries old culture of Yörük Turkmen. Until the last century, people used to leave their villages and go up to plateaus. Some would put up tents that were made of goat hair on plains whose heights exceeded 1000 meters while some other depasture their flocks to produce cheese and butter or weave carpets or rugs. Today, tents are replaced with modern houses. Toros mountains hide unique beauties of nature with their forests full of pine and cedar trees, deep canyons, peaks piercing the sky and rivers coming down from peaks, bursting. Plateaus are meccas for local or foreigner tourists. Old Turkmen traditions still remain at picnic areas which are for excursions.

Türbelinas Plateau

It takes nearly an hour to go there by car. You can take part in a safari tour on a jeep and witness bottles' being cooled in the waters of fountain basins there. What you will order to eat ought to be köy tavuğu (village-fed chicken), which is served with butter and tomato paste, cooked in a pot and whose gravy is meant to be dipped by your bread.

Söğüt Plateau

The road heading there is a stabilised one that is located near Demirtaş Brook's coasts, having beautiful scenes around it like citrus garden, pine trees, greenhouses and maquis trees. On the 30th kilometer there is Kaş Plateau, 35th kilometer Sapadere Plateau, 40th kilometer Tokar Plateau and 50th kilometers Söğüt Plateau. There are village cafes and restaurants in plateau villages.

Dereköy Plateau

It is a village near the sides of the plateau where Kargı Brook streams towards. It is among pine trees and fruit gardens. You can reach there after a 30 kilometers long tarmac. The forest is suitable for picnics and hikings. You can shop from village groceries, enjoy a sip of tea in village cafes. There are village restaurants which serves meat dishes.