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Dim Brook

Dim Brook's watersides which lay 15 kilometres inner parts of Mediterranean region, are beautiful picnic sides. Tables of restaurants are set on the water under huge plane trees. There are also indigenous floor tables set on wooden terraces with pillows. There are salmons being fed in pools. It is possible to find suitable routes for trekking and mountain biking.

Oba Brook

There are picnic sites around Kadıpınarı, where Oba Brook starts streaming. It is always cool under the shadows of pine and plane trees. Kadıini Cave, which is a cave to have had hosted early prehistoric settlers, is here. Salmon is primarily preferred for dinners in restaurants of Kadıpınarı.

Alara River

Although the river, which is nearly 120 kilometres long, is supplied by many tributaries, its main source is Uçansu Waterfall. The river starts to burst with melting snows coming down from Alanya, Geyik, Gündoğmuş, Kuşak and Susuz mountains especially in springs. The river draws Alanya-Gündoğmuş border here and on the west, after drawing Manavgat - Alanya border, flows into the sea at Okurcalar. It is the most important water source for the region after Manavgat River. There are eye-catching historical structures along the river.