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Alanya offers a variety of options to those who want to spend their holidays here with its thousands years old history, Mediterranean and Anatolian mixture of culture and architecture. Besides having unique coasts more than 100 kilometres, the town satisfies those who are interested in history and fascinates nature-lovers. Sapadere Canyon deserves exclusive care from those who prefer irreplaceable plateaus of Toros mountains, high hills and fresh air to sea...

Historical Places
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Alanya is a heaven for those who adores historical sites with its still-standing after 700-years old castle as tough as iron, octagonal Kizilkule (Scarlet Tower), inns and royal mints.[...]
Antique Cities
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Alanya, having hosted countless civilizations throughout history, is very rich in ancient remains. It is free to visit some ancient sites around which archeological excavations are still being carried out and areas protected owing to their being ruins.[...]
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There are 4 museums in Alanya. They are open everyday except for lunch breaks and require entry fee. The most important monument demonstrated in Alanya is the statue of Hercules, displayed on Archaeology Museum.[...]
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Alanya's beaches, consisted of wide sandbanks, carry blue flag, which is the symbol of cleanliness under international standards. If the weather is calm at these unique coasts of Mediterranean, which morphs into turquois blue, the fish swimming deep under the sea can be seen with the naked eye. You can swim in the sea near a hillside full of trees or near ancient remains.[...]
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Alanya is relatively rich, considering caves. You can either discover the mysterious world of caves on land or under the sea or track the traces of our ancestors who lived 20 thousand years ago.[...]
Toros Mountains and Plateaus
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Alanya is on the coast of the Mediterranean region, however, on the town's back lie there Toros Mountains. Toros mountains are an inseparable part of life in Alanya. [...]
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Alanya is close to some waterways, ranging from larges to smalls. The most important ones are, with its interesting appereance, Dim Brook, with its cool umbras, Oba Brook and with its tracks suitable for rafting, Alara River.[...]
Sapadere Canyon
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Sapadere Canyon, 40 kilometres away to town center, is literally a wonder of nature. Do not leave without swimming in the water where the waterfall which is at the entrance of the canyon falls and tasting the salmon which is fed in freezing waters![...]